Platinum 2012

Fifth International Platinum Conference

'A catalyst for change'

Sun City, South Africa, 17-21 September 2012

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Mangaung, Marikana, and the unintended consequences of mining policy in South Africa (Plenary address)
      M Solomon

Optimization of mechanized mining layout within Anglo American Platinum
      P Valicek, F Fourie, G Krafft, and J Sevenoaks

Case study: Using software optimization techniques for the optimal allocation of equipment in a mechanized underground mining environment
      D Kok and GR Lane

Mechanized bolting - on-board drilling automation and a change in the support regime in low-profile mechanized mining
      A Marek, S Thorley, L Dawson, and RGB Pickering

A conceptual study into optimizing the delivery of trackbound twin ends through trackless mechanized development
      D Nardini, M Andrews, and G Brooks

The age of intelligence - Online diagnostic and automated maintenance planning
      A Marek, S Thorley, and H Haubmann

Mine development - Access to deposit
      SM Rupprecht

Towards benchmarking of safety performance in the platinum sector
      B Genc and TR Stacey

Hydrogeological properties of the UG2 pyroxenite aquifers of the Bushveld Complex
      R Gebrekristos and P Cheshire

Is water conservation and water demand management a real option?
      F Botha and K Chetty

The 4th wave: culture based behavioural safety
      L Bloch

Underground environmental challenges in deep platinum mining and some suggested solutions
      M Karsten and L Mackay

Challenges and solutions in PGM furnace operation: high matte temperature and copper cooler corrosion
      A Shaw, LPvS de Villiers, RJ Hundermark, J Ndlovu, LR Nelson, B Pieterse, R Sullivan, N Voermann, C Walker, F Stober, and AD McKenzie

Highly efficient electric smelters for the platinum industry - SMS solutions for energy saving
      R Degel, H Oterdoom, A van Niekerk, K Schmale, and G Farmer

Outotec smelting solutions for the PGM industry
      L Aspola, R Matusewicz, K Haavanlammi, and S Hughes

Innovative magnesia-chrome fused grain material for non-ferrous metals refractory applications
      D Gregurek, T Prietl, SB Breyner, A Ressler, and NM Berghofer

Interaction of graphite with synthetic matte
      BM Thethwayo and AM Garbers-Craig

Electrode models for Søderberg electrodes
      B Larsen

A practical approach to plant scale flotation optimization
      A Harris, L Venkatesan, and M Greyling

The minerals plant of the future - Leveraging automation and using intelligent colloborative environment
      B David, G Almond, K Becerra, and D Campain

Potential changes in the physical beneficiation processes that can improve the recovery grade or costs for the platinum group metals
      J Engelbrecht

Fully autogenous grinding at Unki mine concentrator - A case of successful value engineering
      T Nyakudarika, S Makumbe, and C Rule

Hybrid Energy Flotation™ - On the optimization of fine and coarse particle kinetics in a single row
      D Govender, D Lelinski, and F Traczyk

Navigating above the ground risk in the platinum sector
      A Lane and R Kamp

The mystery of the missing millions
      TC Huber, TS Hattingh, and JL Porter

A perspective on undergound support technologies in Southern African platinum mines to reduce safety risks and enhance productivity
      PH Ferreira

Towards an improved pillar design methodology at Bathopele Mine
      Y Rajpal

Applications and benefits of 3D laser scanning for the mining industry
      JW van der Merwe and DC Andersen

Systems engineering new platinum frontiers
      MC Holton and JL Porter

Fuel cell technology in underground mining
      AR Miller, G van den Berg, DL Barnes, RI Eisele, DM Tanner, JM Vallely, and DA Lassiter

Mine design, scheduling, and modifying factors methodology applied to big blocks compared with individual panels
      D Hanekom

The basic resource equations (BRE and BR2RE) — a new approach to the definition and reconciliation of mineral resources and reserves at Anglo American Platinum Ltd
      DH Diering, DC Andersen, G Langwieder, and GL Smith

Evaluation of net smelter returns in the South African PGE industry by application of base metal concentrate commercial treatment terms
      DA Cowen, V Agnello, and PJ Petit

How an object-orientated modelling approach for a mine option study can increase the quality of decision: A case study
      W Gabryk, GR Lane, M Terblanche, and G Krafft

Case study on quantitative risk modelling to obtain a realistic risk adjusted project valuation
      GR Lane, M Terblanche, G Meyer, and N Sasto

A framework to simplify the management of throughput and constraints
      A Cambitsis

The oxidized ores of the main sulphide zone, Great Dyke, Zimbabwe: turning resources into minable reserves — mineralogy is the key
      T Oberthür, F Melcher, P Buchholz, and M Locmelis

Metal accounting in the platinum industry: How effective is it?
      PG Gaylard, NG Randolph, and CMG Wortley

Recycling of platinum group metals from automotive catalysts by an acidic leaching process
      R Rumpold and J Antrekowitsch

Platinum II/IV and rhodium III chemistry viewed through new eyes: what new secrets can 195Pt and 103Rh NMR spectroscopy reveal about speciation as relevant to refining solutions?
      KR Koch

The recovery of platinum, palladium, and gold from a cyanide heap solution, with use of ion exchange resins
      E Schoeman, SM Bradshaw, G Akdogan, and JJ Eksteen

The adsorption and elution of platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, and Au) from cyanide leach solutions using activated carbon
      CA Snyders, CN Mpinga, SM Bradshaw, G Akdogan, and JJ Eksteen

Tailings disposal: an approach to optimize water and energy efficiency
      PL Moolman and A Vietti

Technology selection of stirred mills for energy efficiency in primary and regrinding applications for the platinum industry
      C Ntsele and J Allen

Preconcentration of UG2 platinum ore: economic benefits
      F Smit, V Coetzee, M Seymour, and S Notnagel

Case studies of simultaneous mining and mineral processing optimization applied to platinum and nickel operations
      S Burks

Developing a phased development schedule for a platinum concentrator by utilizing a dynamic stockpile model
      J Labuschagne, I Hendry, A Cope, G Mfolo, and L Napier

Using SmartTagTM to track ore in process integration and optimization projects: Some case studies in a variety of applications
      E Isokangas, B Sönmez, M Wortley, and W Valery

The catalytic converter industry in South Africa
      K Dewar

Update on the development of platinum-based alloys for potential high-temperature applications
      LA Cornish, MB Shongwe, B Odera, JK Odusote, MJ Witcomb, LH Chown, GO Rading, and MJ Papo

Sandvik Apprentice Programme: we make it possible
      S Marx

A perspective on the supply and utilization of mining graduates in the South African context
      C Musingwini, JA Cruise, and HR Phillips

Development of innovative funding mechanisms for mining start-ups: a South African case
      J Mothomogolo

A protocol for conducting and analysing plant trials: Testing of high-chrome grinding media for improved metallurgy
      CJ Greet

The impact of entrained air and enhanced flow measurements at Eland platinum concentrator
      CV O'Keefe, J Felix, R Peacock, T Huysamen, and P Thwaites

Process and asset monitoring at a PGM concentrator for UG2 concentrate
      J Rademan and J Wiese

The use of high-pressure, water-hydraulic (hydropower) technology in South African narrow-reef, hard-rock mines
      PD Fraser

What is the best energy delivery system for hand-held stope drilling and associated equipment in narrow-reef hard rock mines?
      PJ Petit and PD Fraser

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