Platinum 2010

Fourth International Platinum Conference

'Platinum in transition: Boom or bust'

Sun City, South Africa, 11-14 October 2010

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Climate change: Threats, challenges, and opportunities (Plenary address)
      B Hewitson

Climate change: Threats, challenges, and opportunities (Audio 18MB)
      B Hewitson

Total primary milling cost reduction by improved liner design
      J Dahner, and A van den Bosch

Does thickening save water?
      AJ Vietti, JCJ Boshoff, and A Cope

Application of fundamentals in optimizing platinum concentrator performance
      MM Valenta and H Mapheto

Non-invasive passive array technology for improved flow measurements of slurries and entrained air
      CV O’Keefe, R Maron, J Felix, AM van der Spek, and P Rothman

Flotation process optimization through frequent in-line grade measurement as an alternative to sampling surveys that deliver outdated results
      K Keet and FE du Plessis

Application of borehole radar to pothole identification and delineation ahead of the working face in platinum mines
      C Kemp, P du Pisani, and M Shoke

The Merensky and Bastard cyclic units and the Platreef of the Bushveld Complex: consequences of Main Zone magma influxes and dynamics
      FJ Kruger

Development of high-resolution 3D vertical seismic profiles
      CC Pretorius, MA Gibson, and Q Snyman

Geological interpretations from the PGE distribution in the Bushveld Merensky and UG2 chromitite reefs
      RG Cawthorn

Stirred milling—new comminution technology in the PGM industry
      C Rule

UG2 metallurgical variability
      NV Ramlall, MAW Bryson, and BK Loveday

Implementing strategies to improve mill capacity and efficiency, with platinum references and case studies
      NJ Barkhuysen

Optimizing concentrate allocation to Anglo Platinum smelters
      GA Georgalli and DK Anderson

Statistical size analysis of potholes: an attempt to estimate geological losses ahead of mining at Lonmin’s Marikana mining district
      D Hoffmann

Anglo American Platinum’s approach to resource classification case study—Boschkoppie/Styldrift minewide UG2 project
      K Mohanlal and P Stevenson

Platinum group metals: a unique case study in the sustainability of mineral resources
      GM Mudd

Spatial information management from multidisciplinary data
      M Woddhall and E Strydom

Improving safety and security in platinum mining by utilizing the newest facial recognition technology
      B Nasiorowska

Cost-effective pressure filtration for platinum concentrates
      D Pepper, CM Rule, and M Mulligan

The estimation of platinum flotation grade from froth image features by using artificial neural networks
      C Marais and CA Aldrich

Is there some commonality between the geological structures in the Bushveld Complex and the Great Dyke?
      MKC Roberts and V Clark-Mostert

Introduction of 3 m cable anchors as face support in ‘timber-less stopes’ at Dishaba Mine
      L van Aswegen, R Johnson, and GL Smith

Measuring rock dumps from space? How new technology could change the way we measure rock dumps and tailings dams
      JH Crotty, B Ernst, A Machele, and J Lategan

A proposal for accurate consistent continuous feed into electric arc furnaces in the platinum industry
      J Kirsch

Energy consumptions for Kell hydrometallurgical refining versus conventional pyrometallurgical smelting and refining of PGM concentrates
      K Liddell, T Newton, M Adams, and B Muller

Corrosion of copper coolers in PGM smelters
      BM Thethwayo, and AM Garbers-Craig

An evaluation of steels selected for use within electric arc furnaces
      LA Cornish, M Grant, B Williams, I Wilsenach, and H McAllister

How applicable is industrial engineering in mining?
      TS Hattingh and OT Keys

The energy and water required to drill a hole
      P Fraser

Effective process monitoring in underground mining
      M Johansson

Hard-rock room and pillar mining best practice industry workshop
      RGB Pickering, AG du Plessis, and G Annandale

Effluent treatment: what role can modified waste/biomass play in the local platinum industry— a review
      T Ramahali and T Mahlangu

Application potential of DC smelter technology for the platinum industry in South Africa
      R Degel, K Schmale, M KÖneke, and H Schmieden

Human factors in mine mechanization
      TS Hattingh, TJ Sheer, and AG du Plessis

Hydropower technology can assist in meeting the safety and health ‘2013 milestones’ and save energy: a case for ‘localized’ hydropower systems in general and hydropowered stope drill rigs in particular
      P Fraser

A systematic approach to the optimization of extra low profile (XLP) mine productivity for narrow reef platinum mines
      M Andrews and R Pickering

Review of mechanization within Lonmin
      G Webber, AA van den Berg, GG le Roux, and JHK Hudson

Refrigeration and cooling concepts for ultra-deep platinum mining
      L Mackay, S Bluhm, and J van Rensburg

Meeting the reduced availability and rising costs of electrical power: Anglo Platinum ventilation and cooling strategies
      M Biffi and D Stanton

Is the EPCM consultant still relevant?
      HW Read

Sustainable ore reserves generation at variable stoping rates for a UG2 conventional mining layout
      LJ Mohloki and C Musingwini

Mine optimization and its application using the Anglo Platinum Mine Optimisation Tool (APMOT)
      A Smit and G Lane

Simultaneous mining and mineral processing enterprise optimization for the platinum industry
      G Whittle and S Burks

Leading the next boom? Competitive Eastern Limb platinum supply
      JE McGill

Preliminary evaluation of the proposed mining method at Eland Platinum Mine
      GS Potgieter and DF Malan

Development and implementation of a PGE mineral asset valuation curve
      G Njowa, C Musingwini, and A Clay

The application of modifying factors to the Merensky Reef and UG2 chromitite layer, Bushveld Complex
      K Lomberg and S Rupprecht

A healthy future: platinum in medical applications
      A Cowley

Keynote Address: Strategic implications for the platinum group metals: privatization vs. nationalization in South Africa
      SA Forrest, H Rowley, S Trickey, and J Underwood

Jewellery shocks from China and India
      JC Watts, B Clarke, and O Atilan

Recycling: volume, momentum and consequences for PGMs
      A Ryan, B Clarke, O Atilan, J Watts, and S Trickey

Options for PGM supply outside of Africa
      S Trickey

The potential effects of powertrain developments in the auto sector on PGM demand
      B Clarke, JC Watts, and O Atilan

Consumable unit cost versus metallurgical performance: the impact of grinding media on grinding chemistry and PGM recovery
      CJ Greet

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