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Third International Platinum Conference

'Platinum in Transformation'

Sun City, South Africa, 5-9 October 2008

Provisional Programme

Please note that this provisional programme is still subject to change.

Sunday 5 October 2008

5:00pm - 6:00pm Early Registration

5:00pm - 8:00pm Welcome / Cocktail party

The technical sessions take place in two separate conference rooms.
Parallel sessions are indicated as 'A' and 'B' sessions according to which room they are in.

Monday 6 October 2008

7:00am - 8:30am Registration

8:00am   Session 1A - Opening Session (Chaired by Mike Rogers)
8:00am   Welcome and official opening
    Andrie Garbers-Craig, President, SAIMM
8:15am   Summary and outlook for platinum group metals supply and demand (Keynote address)
    Mark Bedford, Johnson Matthey plc
8:50am   (Keynote address)
    Mzila Mthenjane, Royal Bafokeng Holdings
9:25am   The state of the PGM industry covering (generically) from supply-demand tensions, industry capacity to meet demand, consolidation and rationalization in the SA industry (Keynote address)
    Mike Solomon, Wesizwe Platinum
10:00am   Platinum Origins Centre
    Francis Gerard, Totem Media
10:10am   Sponsor's address
10:20am   Sponsor's address

10:30am Tea

11:00am   Session 2A - Mineral Processing (Chaired by Caroline Dunne)
11:00am   Pilot and laboratory test procedures for the design of semi-autogenous grinding circuits treating platinum ores
    A.L. Hinde and J.T. Kalala, Mintek
11:25am   Real-time mill management tools stabilising your milling process
    B. Clermont, B. de Haas, O. Hancotte, Magotteaux International s.a., Belgium
11:50am   HPGR - revolution in platinum?
    C.M. Rule, Anglo Platinum, D.M. Minnaar, Northam Platinum, and G.M. Sauermann, Polysius, a Division of ThyssenKrupp Engineering
12:15pm   The significance of grinding environment on the flotation of UG2 ores
    C.J. Greet, Magotteaux Australia
12:40pm   Fine grinding - Developments in ceramic media technology and resulting improved plant performance at Anglo Platinum
    C.M. Rule, L. Knopjes, Anglo Platinum, B. Clermont, and C. Philippe, Magotteaux International
1:05pm   The commissioning of the first HPGR in the PGM industry at Mogalakwena North (Presentation only)
    I. Smit and C.M. Rule, Anglo Platinum

11:00am   Session 2B - Geology (Chaired by Theo Pegram)
11:00am   The effect of ignoring the sample support on the global and local mean grade estimates, mineral resource classification, and project valuation of variable width Merensky and UG2 Reef orebodies
    D.R. Young, The Mineral Corporation
11:25am   The litho-stratigraphy and geological setting at Garatouw farm on the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex (Presentation only)
    Z. Dube, T.D. Manyeruke, D. Netshitungulu, and A.J. van der Merwe, Nkwe Platinum
11:50am   Predictability of pothole characteristics and their spatial distribution at Rustenburg Platinum Mine (Rustenburg Section)
    G. Chitiyo, J. Schweitzer, S. de Waal, P. Lambert, and P. Ogilvie, Anglo Platinum
12:15pm   Selection of reef cuts in variable Merensky reef (Presentation only)
    D. Hoffmann and N. Wansbury, Lonmin Platinum
12:40pm   Facies variation in the Merensky Reef at Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine
    P. Moodley, Anglo Platinum
1:05pm   The use of borehole radar in detecting disruptions in platiniferous horizons in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa - the financial implication
    P. du Pisani, Geosciences Research Group, S. Coomber, G. Chitiyo, V. Daniso, and S. Mamba, Anglo Platinum

1:30pm Lunch

2:30pm   Session 3A - Mineral Processing (Chaired by Mike Rogers)
2:30pm   Exhibitors slot 1
2:35pm   Ultra fine grinding of intermediate flotation concentrates in the PGM industry at the Pt Mile operation on Anglo Platinum tailings
    C.M. Rule, L. Knopjes, Anglo Platinum, and R.J. Atkinson, Platinum Mile Resources
3:00pm   Energy considerations in the current PGM processing flowsheet utilizing new technologies
    C.M. Rule, Anglo Platinum Management Services
3:25pm   Mainstream inert grinding with IsaMills - a recovery initiative
    R. Jones, C.M. Rule, and L. Knopjes, Anglo Platinum

2:30pm   Session 3B - Rock Engineering (Chaired by Stephen Forrest)
2:30pm   Exhibitors slot 2
2:35pm   Nonlinear rock behaviour and its implications on deeper-level platinum mining
    B.P. Watson, J.S. Kuijpers, G. Henry, C.E. Palmer, CSIR, and J.A. Ryder, Ryder Marketing and Research
3:00pm   Resin bolting in South African platinum mines with a focus on development and stoping operations
    P.H. Ferreira and D. Franklin, Minova RSA
3:25pm   The use of granulated blast furnace slag based binders with platinum tailings for underground support systems
    R. Smart, and D. van Heerden, Minova RSA

3:50pm Tea

4:20pm   Session 4A - Mining General (Chaired by Luke Zindi)
4:20pm   Exhibitors slot 3
4:25pm   Exhibitors slot 4
4:30pm   Boynton Platinum introduces the Pilanesberg Platinum Mines, a new open pit mining project on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex (Presentation only)
    J. Astrup, C. Bronn, J. Derbyshire, and T. Holohan, Boynton Platinum
4:55pm   Centralized wireless remote blasting
    M. Woodhall, GMSI
5:20pm   Scraper winch pull force investigation
    D. Janicijevic, Anglo Platinum

6:00pm Jewellery exhibition cocktail party

Tuesday 7 October 2008

8:00am   The problem with engineering, and the role of the EPCM contractor in resolving the skills shortage (Keynote address)
    Nigel Townshend, TWP Consulting
8:35am   Sponsor's address
    Wesizwe Platinum
8:45am   Sponsor's address
    Nkwe Platinum
8:55am   Sponsor's address
    Anglo Platinum

9:05am Juice break

9:15am   Session 5A - Pyrometallurgy (Chaired by Rodney Jones)
9:15am   Exhibitors slot 5
9:20am   Commercialization of the ConRoast process
    R.E. Phillips, Braemore Resources plc, R.T. Jones, Mintek, and P. Chennells, Braemore Resources plc
9:45am   Development of roasting parameters for the ConRoast process with low-sulphur feedstock
    E. Eccleston, Technip USA Inc., and J. White, Hazen Research Inc., USA
10:10am   Water atomisation of PGM-containing intermediate alloys
    J.J. Dunkley, Atomising Systems, D. Norval, Bateman Engineering Projects, R.T. Jones, Mintek, and P. Chennells, Braemore Platinum Smelters
10:35am   The roasting of PGM-ore concentrates in a circulating fluidized bed
    J. Hammerschmidt, Outotec Metals Processing, Germany

9:15am   Session 5B - Mine Mechanisation (Chaired by Frank Egerton)
9:15am   Exhibitors slot 6
9:20am   Does project management really add value?
    H.W. Read, Read Swatman & Voigt
9:45am   Integrated design of an XLP Dozer
    S.G. Olsen, R.A. Hall, University of British Columbia, L.K. Daneshmend, Queen's University, and P.F.R. Murphy, Sandvik Mining & Construction
10:10am   The implementation of mechanized breast mining and the development of XLP equipment
    R.G.B. Pickering and F. Leon, Sandvik
10:35am   Blind boring system
    P. Kogler, Sandvik Mining & Construction

11:00am Tea

11:30am   Session 6A - Pyrometallurgy & Modelling (Chaired by Jacques Eksteen)
11:30am   Exhibitors slot 7
11:35am   Pyrometallurgical iron removal from a PGM-containing alloy
    S.D. McCullough, I.J. Geldenhuys, and R.T. Jones, Mintek
12:00pm   A system for the energy-effective feeding of concentrate into furnaces
    J.P. Kirsch, Clyde Materials Handling Africa
12:25pm   Towards sustainable energy efficiency and improved throughput: Gains made on Anglo Converter Process with the installation of dewatering screens
    N.T. Mudzanapabwe and E.D. Dippenaar, Anglo Platinum
12:50pm   Furnace energy efficiency at Polokwane Smelter
    P.K. van Manen, Polokwane Smelter, Anglo Platinum

11:30am   Session 6B - Mine Mechanisation (Chaired by Rod Pickering)
11:30am   Exhibitors slot 8
11:35pm   Saving energy by replacing compressed air with localized hydropower systems: a 'half level' model approach
    P. Fraser, Hydro Power Equipment
12:00am   Anglo Platinum extra low profile (XLP) mechanized equipment implementation - an update
    G.A. Harrison, Anglo Platinum
12:25pm   Methodology to determine the optimal replacement age of mobile mining machines
    D. Nurock and C. Porteous, Sandvik Mining

1:15pm Lunch

2:15pm   Session 7A - Pyrometallurgy (Chaired by Lloyd Nelson)
2:15pm   Exhibitors slot 9
2:20pm   Latest results of the slag cleaning reactor for copper recovery and its potential for the PGM industry
    R. Degel, H. Oterdoom, J. Kunze, SMS Demag, A. Warczok, and G. Riveros, Universidad de Chile
2:45pm   Developing a Tap-block Diagnostic System
    L.H. Gunnewiek, J. Suer, R. MacRosty, Hatch Ltd, T. Gerritsen, and A. Karges Teck Cominco Metals Ltd
3:10pm   Computational fluid dynamic modelling of a three-phase electric smelting furnace in the platinum smelting process
    J.J. Bezuidenhout, J.J. Eksteen, and S.M. Bradshaw, University of Stellenbosch
3:35pm   Towards electrode immersion control on Lonmin's No. 1 circular furnace
    G. Georgalli, University of Stellenbosch, and J.J. Eksteen, R. Bezuidenhout, B. van Beek, and T. Goff, Lonmin Platinum

2:15pm   Session 7B - Mine Planning and Financial Management (Chaired by Tom van den Berg)
2:15pm   Exhibitors slot 10
2:20pm   Platinum, electricity, and the economy
    L.C. Stillwell, Read, Swatman & Voigt
2:45pm   The concept of value based management and its application in developing value maximizing strategies at Anglo Platinum
    L. van Wyk and G.L. Smith, Anglo Platinum Ltd
3:10pm   Ranking the efficiency of selected platinum mining methods using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
    C. Musingwini and R.C.A. Minnitt, University of the Witwatersrand
3:35pm   The concept of project value tracking and its application in project planning at Anglo Platinum
    J. Pearson-Taylor, and G.L. Smith, Anglo Platinum Ltd

4:00pm Tea

4:30pm   Session 8A - Mining Management and Engineering Services (Chaired by Frank Egerton)
4:30pm   AziSA: improving mining decisions with real time data
    D. Vogt, V.Z. Brink, R. Stewart, S. Donovan, J. Haarhoff, and G. Ferreira, CSIR
4:55pm   Cooling power for a new age
    M. Biffi and D.J. Stanton, Anglo Platinum Ltd
5:20pm   Converting Anglo Platinum mines from capped fuse and igniter cord blast initiation systems to shock tube based blast initiation systems
    M. Stander, Anglo Platinum, V.J. Solomon, and N. MacNulty, Victor Solomon and Associates
5:45pm   Feasibility studies for resource projects (presentation only)
    M.J. Mothomogolo, TWP Consulting

4:30pm   Session 8B - Mine Planning and Financial Management (Chaired by Gordon Smith)
4:30pm   Funding of platinum projects: Key issues for consideration (Presentation only)
    R. Demana and T. Molebatsi, Nedbank Capital
4:55pm   Strategic mine planning - Communicating uncertainty with scenarios
    G.L. Smith, S.N. Surujhlal, and K. Manyuchi, Anglo Platinum Ltd
5:20pm   The application of economic modelling to enhance decision-making at Lonmin Platinum
    J.H.K. Hudson, M. Maynard, and B. Kloppers, Lonmin Platinum
5:45pm   Optimizing project value by defining and modelling key drivers in the concept phase
    H. Griesel, Anglo Platinum

7:00pm for 7:30pm Conference Dinner - Valley of the Waves

Wednesday 8 October 2008

8:00am   Session 9A - New Projects (Chaired by Wally Waldeck)
8:00am   (Keynote address)
    Stuart Lawrence, DRA International
8:35am   Sponsor's address
    Atlas Copco
8:45am   Sponsor's address
    JSE / IDC
8:55am   The Kalahari Platinum Project
    J.D. Lewins, S. Hunns, Platinum Australia Ltd, and J. Badenhorst, GeoActive
9:20am   The challenges of infrastructure development in the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex of South Africa
    G.L. Smith, F.A.C. da Lomba, and D.C. Andersen, Anglo Platinum Ltd
9:55am   No. 17 Shaft project - Overcoming 'fourth generation' technical challenges
    L. Zindi, Impala Platinum
10:20pm   Redefining competitive advantage in the South African platinum market
    T. van den Berg, Anglo Platinum

10:45am Tea

11:15am   Session 10A - Marketing (Chaired by Jim Porter)
11:15am   Exhibitors slot 11
11:20am   Exhibitors slot 12
11:25am   What is your PGM concentrate worth?
    L.A. Cramer, Best Met
11:50am   Future shifts in PGM demand - The impact of technological and economic scenarios on future metal demand
    J.C. Watts, S.A. Forrest, B. Clarke, and O. Atilan, SFA Oxford Ltd
12:15pm   Where is platinum heading?
    B. Genc, University of the Witwatersrand
12:40pm   Upcoming economic hurdles for new South African platinum supply
    B. Clarke, S. Forrest, and A. Ryan, SFA Oxford Ltd
1:05pm   Platinum supply and demand: A mine too far (Presentation only)
    D. Davis, Credit Suisse Standard Securities
1:30pm   Fuels cells, commercialization and PGMs (Presentation only)
    K. Adamson, Fuel Cell Today, Johnson Matthey
2:05pm   Closing Comments (Mike Rogers)

2:10pm Lunch

3:00pm End of conference

Thursday 9 October 2008

Technical Visits (optional)

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