Platinum 2006

Second International Platinum Conference

'Platinum Surges Ahead'

Sun City, South Africa, 8-12 October 2006

Cover and Contents

The centenary of the discovery of platinum in the Bushveld Complex (10th November, 1906)
R.G. Cawthorn

Anglo Platinum: Taking advantage of the current metal prices and shortage of platinum
G. Chunnett

Ounces into pounds - how much is an in situ ounce of platinum worth?
A.J. van der Merwe & J.F. Erasmus

Seismic method applied to platinum exploration, a success story!
G. Chambovet

Valuation of a mineral resource that has a compound metal content distribution: an example based on the Merensky Reef at Wesizwe Platinum Limited's Pilanesberg project
D.R. Young

The application of facies classification in evaluating the Merensky Reef at Bafokeng Rasimone platinum mine, South Africa
M.D. Lionnet & K.G. Lomberg

Project valuation, capital investment and strategic alignment - tools and techniques at Anglo Platinum
G.L. Smith, J. Pearson-Taylor, D.C. Andersen, & A.M. Marsh

Next generation project management in the platinum industry
H.W. Read

Intelligent gearing system - solution to understand and correct operational conditions that reduce the fatigue life of a girth gear
D. van Dyk

New Pt-based alloys for high temperature application in aggressive environments: The next stage
L.A. Cornish, R. Suss, L.H. Chown, A. Douglas, M. Matema, L. Glaner, & G. Williams

A review on the progress towards PT-base superalloys for ultra high temperature applications
R. Volkl, M. Wenderoth, J. Preussner, S. Vorberg, B. Fischer, & U. Glatzel

Overview of the high-temperature mechanical properties of Pt-alloys
S. Vorberg, B. Fischer, D. Lupton, M. Wenderoth, U. Glatzel, & R. Volkl

Hot corrosion behaviour of Pt-Alloys for application in the next generation of gas turbines
N.B. Maledi, J.H. Potgieter, M. Stephton, L.A. Cornish, L. Chown, & R. Suss

Building a database for the prediction of phases in Pt-based superalloys
L.A. Cornish, R. Suss, A. Watson, & S.N. Prins

Platinum alloy development - the Pt-Al-Cr-Ni system
J. Preussner, M. Wenderoth, S. Prins, R. Volkl, & U. Glatzel

The development and implementation of the Lonmin mechanized breast mining
R.G.B. Pickering & K. Moxham

The Loco Drill and its application to flat end development
B. McKeown & K. Moxham

A symphony of collaboration between mining and engineering
G. Strong, C. Terblanche, B.J. Gohre, & M. Andrews

The development of a process flowsheet for the new Anglo Platinum, PPRust north concentrator, incorporating HPGR technology
G. Humphries, C. Rule, & E. Wolmarans

The use of performance monitoring techniques in detecting process shifts and potential root causes in a variable speed grinding application
L.P. Coetzer & T. Khumalo

The development of ultra-fine grinding at Anglo Platinum
A.K. Anyimadu, C.M. Rule, & L. Knopjes

Two Rivers Platinum Mine: the orebody, the mining method; a perfect match
M. Mabuza

Technical operating flexibility in the analysis of mine layouts and schedules
C. Musingwini, R.C.A. Minnitt, & M. Woodhall

Underground Mine Profiling
D. Borman

Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotation
C.F. Vos, J.C. Davidtz, & J.D. Miller

Interpreting the role of reagents in the flotation of platinum-bearing Merensky ores
J.G. Wiese, M. Becker, D.J. Bradshaw, & P.J. Harris

Technologies for emissions reduction in the metallurgical and chemical process industries
D. Schreuder

Topsoe wet gas sulphuric acid (WSA) technology - an attractive alternative for reduction of sulphur emissions from furnaces and converters
H. Rosenberg

Long hole drilling applied to narrow reef mining
R.G.B. Pickering

Electric rock drilling system for in-stope mining in platinum operations
P.J. Petit

Financial evaluation of electric rock drills for in-stope mining in platinum operations
P.J. Petit

Mining by rock cutting in narrow reefs
R. Pickering, A. Smit, & K. Moxham

Independence Platinum Limited (IPt) - formation and objectives
R.E. Phillips, R.T. Jones, & L.A. Cramer

Rectangular furnace design and revolutionary DC-slag cleaning technology for the PGM industry
R. Degel, T. Schreiter, H. Schmieden, & J. Kempken

Oxygen activity measurments in simulated converter matte
K.G. Tshilombo & P.C. Pistorius

Process description and optimization of the flash dryers at Polokwane Smelter
P.K. van Manen

The application of multi-parametric block models to the mining process
A. Bye

The implementation of Nos. 16 and 20 shaft projects
L.A. Jagger

Ventilation strategies to meet future needs of the South African platinum industry
M. Biffi, D. Stanton, H. Rose, & D. Pienaar

Is platinum paying its rent?
L.C. Stilwell & R.C.A. Minnitt

Replacement of the existing Merensky Reef operations at Lebowa Platinum Mines: an integrated business and operational readiness approach
O.Y. Ntrama

The evolution of strategic long-term planning at Anglo Platinum
G.L. Smith, J. Pearson-Taylor, & D.C. Andersen

End-users, recyclers and producers: shaping tomorrow's PGM market and metal prices
S.A. Forrest & B. Clarke

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