Platinum 2004

First International Platinum Conference

Sun City, South Africa, 3-7 October 2004

Cover, Contents

Platinum in the South African economy
L.C. Stilwell

Mintek, a national resource of minerals processing expertise for platinum ores
V. Deeplaul & M. Bryson

Hydraulic hoisting technology for platinum mines
G. van den Berg & R. Cooke

Development of alternative techniques for matte level measurements in sulphide smelting furnaces
J.M.A. Geldenhuis, D. Miller, B. van Beek, J. Ndlovu, & K.T. Hara

DC arc smelting of difficult PGM-containing feed materials
R.T. Jones & I.J. Kotze

Breakeven extraction factors for the Merensky Reef using stope width and market price simulation
M.G. Wimberger

Occupational health risk assessment: central to the management of occupational health
C.J. Badenhorst

Seamlessly integrating occupational health into business
C.J. Badenhorst

Recovery of SO2 from low strength off-gases
B. Kruger

Investigation into the location of chromitite plant structures on shallow undermined ground
F. Harvey

Testing of temporary face support systems under rockfall conditions
J.L. Human & N. Fernandes

Alternative support systems for mechanized stopes
D.P. Roberts, M.K.C. Roberts, & A.J. Jager

High pressure grinding rolls - applications for the platinum industry
J. Knecht & N. Patzelt

The influence of mill speed and pulp density on the grinding efficiency for secondary stage grinding
J. Lux & B. Clermont

A comparison of different cyclones in addressing challenges in the classification of the dual density UG2 platinum ore
A. Mainza, M.S. Powell, & B. Knopjes

Performance enhancement tools for grinding mills
D.G. Almond & W. Valderrama

The optimization of mining method and equipment
R.G.B. Pickering

A framework for the introduction of mechanized mining
R.P.H. Willis, J.R. Dixon, J.A. Cox, & A.D. Pooley

Mechanization - an Anglo Platinum perspective
A.M. Croll

Applied ergonomics for operator compartment design in an EJC 88 XLP loader
S. Thorley & N.D.L. Burger

Investigation of surface properties of gangue minerals in platinum bearing ores
J. Martinovic, D.J. Bradshaw, & P.J. Harris

High density slurry and paste tailings, transport systems
A.J.C. Paterson

Electrochemical studies of the interaction of ethyl xanthate with Pd-Bi-Te
M.K.G. Vermaak, J.A. Venter, & P.C. Pistorius

Tailings scavenging - the complete story
B. Talbot

Long hole drilling for the platinum industry - a mining perspective
G. Rapson & S. Rupprecht

Development and testing of an underground remote refrigeration plant
D.J. Stanton

A hard rock narrow reef mining machine - ARM 1100
K.A. Moxham

Design constraints on trackless mining equipment in low and extra low stope hard rock mining
J.R. Menasce & S.C. Thorley

The relationship between the owner's project team and the consultant's project team
H.W. Read

Project success and performance evaluation
R.G. Koelmans

Thought processes during the project initiation phase
H. Griesel

Establishing the feasibility of your proposed mining venture
S. Rupprecht

The use of PGE and base metal grades and ratios to determine the stratigraphic location of samples at Ngesi Mine, Great Dyke, Zimbabwe
A. du Toit & S. Duma

Three-dimensional reflection seismics: worth its weight in platinum
J.C. Trickett, W.A. Duweke, & S. Kock

Data integration for structural interpretation in the Bushveld Complex
G.K. Chunnett & A.K.K. Rompel

Considerations in the choice of primary access and transportation options in platinum mines
R.B. Wilson, R.P.H. Willis, & A.G. du Plessis

The design of stable stope panels for near-surface and shallow mining operations
A.H. Swart & M.F. Handley

The diffusion of fuel cell vehicles and its impact on the demand for platinum group metals: research framework and initial results
W.P. Nel

Platinum-based alloys for high temperature and special applications
L.A. Cornish, R. Suss, L.H. Chown, S. Taylor, L. Glaner, A. Douglas, & S.N. Prins

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